"Someone keeps stealing my letters..."
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Developed by Stefan Richter | Supported by TTR2.com

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Just Letters is a free browser based Flash game. Here is what BBC's Clickonline said about it:

We've all seen those fridge magnets that allow you to spell out words from a group of individual letters right? Well FlashcomGuru have made this work for the web. Just open the page and start moving the letters about to create whatever words you want. There is a catch though - you will be doing this with up to 74 other players all working from the same board - hence the title 'Someone keeps stealing my letters'.

It gets hectic with everyone going for the same key letters as they build a word from scratch. I found a better strategy was to hijack someone else's nearly completed word and change a few letters around to create a different one.

I hope you have as much fun with that as I did, but do please bear in mind that the content is uncensored, so viewing alongside your little ones is probably advisable.

Just Letters is a free multiuser flash game. Each month it attracts around 500,000 online gamers who like to play free browser based flash games.
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